Redefining The Business Of Mowing

Without proper equipment, mowing slopes and difficult landscapes is time-consuming, dangerous, and inefficient. Simply put, using a weed-whacker or a ride-on mower to maintain slopes and rough or hazardous terrain is just not safe, it's smart. Our American-made remote-operated slope mowers offer a smarter, safer way to maintain steep slopes and extreme landscapes. Bringing technology to bear with traditional problems, we create smart mowers that deliver game-changing opportunities – including safer working conditions, more capabilities, better work environments, versatility, new revenue streams, and the ability to attract, hire, and retain talented workers.

We are redefining the business of commercial mowing.

  • Track Mowers
    • TK-52XP
    • TK-60XP
    • TK-44E
  • Wheeled Mowers
    • 52XP
    • 60XP
    • 72XP
  • Remote Control

RC Mower's Finest Remote-Operated Slope Mowers

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