The Company

Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc. offers environmental products such as sewer cleaning equipment, sewer inspection equipment, street sweeping equipment, and street sweeping supplies.

For those who need to get the job done on a budget, we have a supply of used and rental equipment that we keep in top shape. We also offer a wide variety of nozzles, lighting products, and accessories to help make each job safer and more efficient.

Kinloch Equipment has all of the best equipment and the dedicated people to help you with what you need–all under one roof.


Mission Statement

Kinloch Equipment & Supply, Inc. strives to market the highest quality equipment and to offer the highest degree of support and service to the businesses and government agencies that maintain and improve our environment.

“As our business continues to grow, we are beginning to incorporate new products into our line. Each and every one of these products reflects the reputation and quality of equipment that our company upholds.

“We work to help our customers make their jobs easier. If there is something you don’t see on our website or in our catalog, let us know and we’ll find it for you. Thank you for your time and your business!”

Todd Kinloch, President

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We are proud to offer three convenient locations in Pasadena, Arlington, and San Antonio.

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