Innovators of High Quality Underground Inspection Systems Since 1957

The IBAK product line is a perfect fit with our company’s philosophy and our customer’s diverse needs. This was a logical expansion for our business. The sonar inspection business and specialized long distance CCTV pipeline inspections created many satisfied customers throughout North America. Our customers like our products, our services, and trust our staff. The addition of the IBAK product line continues our devotion to our customers.

  • Truck Mounted Systems
  • Trailer Mounted Systems
  • Portable Mainline Systems
    • Mainlite Systems
  • Push Camera systems
  • LISY- Lateral Launch systems
  • Hi-Definition Systems
  • Panoramo Systems
    • Panoramo 2
    • Panoramo 150
    • Panoramo SI Manhole Inspection
  • Components
    • Cameras
      • Orion Zoom
      • Polaris
    • Tractors
      • T66
      • T76
      • T86
    • Controllers
    • Cable Reels

Rapidview/IBAK Pipeline & Manhole Inspection Systems

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