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  Atlas Lightning Loader



Heavy Duty Grapple Loader

The model AL-1 Atlas Lightning Loader is a heavy duty grapple loader mounted onto a chassis from behind the cab, equipped with Petersen�s Big Bite bucket at the end of the boom. The loader operates from a seated platform that rotates with the boom. CNG Capable.
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TL-3 Loader and Body

Trash Truck and Loader Body

The TL-3 is our most popular and versatile unit. A single operator can load, haul and dump trash with this unit.
-  20 ft. boom reach includes 4 ft. telescoping extension
-  Lifts 3,200 lbs. when fully extended at 20 ft.
-  At 10 ft. maximum lift capacity is 7,100 lbs.
-  All-purpose anti-scalping trash bucket features low maintenance single cylinder design
-  Dump body sizes range between 20 and 30 cubic yards
-  ANSI Z245 compliant
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Standard and Heavy Duty Bodies

Both the TBS and TBH bodies are built to withstand heavy use, so you can haul brush, concrete, or even cars without a second thought. Unrivaled durability means fewer maintenance headaches, less downtime, and more work done.
-  Dump 40,000 pounds: A hoist that can dump 4x the legal payload
-  Bodies That Take a Beating: Heavy gauge steel, and a unique design that uses the floor to reinforce the sides
-  Minimize Human Error: Positive locking mechanism keeps the barn doors shut tight
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Hardox Body

When quarrying equipment, vehicle shredders, and mining excavators need maximum durability, they use Hardox®. Petersen partnership with SSAB brings you Hardox® bodies   the toughest, lightest, and best looking bodies in the industry.
-  Sides, floor, doors, & top rails fabricated from Hardox® 450 wear plates
-  No side posts or floor cross sills
-  Reduces weight and allows steel to flex and absorb impacts
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Model CP-3

MODEL CP-3 Container Transport

Container Transport
-  The CP-3 lifts and hauls containers, letting you get the job done quicker with no trailer required.
-  Safer, simpler operation: No straps or manhandling required- the operator stays off the ground.
-  Efficient operation: With no trailer, jobs get done quicker.
-  Less maintenance: Fewer moving parts and industry-leading quality mean less downtime.
-  Reduce windshield time: High capacity body carries multiple containers.
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Model RS-3

Lightning Rear Steer®
-  It only takes one man to drive, lift, and load 7,000 lbs., and he never has to leave the climate-controlled cab.
-  Work in comfort: Drive and operate without leaving the upper HVAC cab.
-  Reduce windshield time: The RS-3 works on route while haul trucks remove waste.
-  Get it done fast: Counterweights and suspension locks minimize the need for outriggers.
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Model DL-3

High Capacity Loader
-  The DL-3 is specially engineered for high volume collection. It's available in our two largest body sizes. With fewer trips to the landfill, you get the job done quicker.
-  Dump 2X the largest legal payload: Lift 7,100 lbs. and dump up to 72,000 lbs.
- Less windshield time: Large load capacities mean less time driving and more time working.
-  Total visibility: Operate the loader from the operator's seat mounted above the cab.
-  Customized to your needs: Choose our Heavy Duty body or upgrade to a Hardbox® body, both in 40 or 45 cubic yard size.
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Model RL-3

Model RL-3

Rear Mount
-  The RL-3 attaches to our YY-2 dump trailers, or use it to load other trucks in high volume situations. It;s maneuverable and versatile - letting you get the job done your way.
-  4 control options: Standard Valve Handles, Mechanical Joysticks, Pilot Hydraulic Joysticks, or QUADSTICK® Contols.
-  3 Control locations: Side Mount, Top Mount, or Dual Walk-Through.
-  1 Legendary Loader: Built to your needs.
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Model SL-3 Citrus Loader

Stationary Mount
-  No matter what name you give it; a Petersen Lightning Loader® will make your scale house or transfer station run like a well-oiled machine.
-  More Efficient Worksites: Quickly maxes the loads to keep the trucks flowing.
-  Built how you need it: Boom configuration and control option customized for your location.
-  Flexible Durability: Simple design to minimize wear in harsh environments.
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